First blog post

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On the 12t of May, I completed my Gaisce bronze award. This consisted of 13 weeks of personal development, 13 weeks of voluntary work, 26 weeks of a physical activity, a camping trip and a 25km walk. For my community involvement I helped coach the water safety classes in Ballyshannon pool, this helped me improve my communication … More Gaisce


For maths we got to help organise a quiz for the 3rd years, it was a maths relay and they were all in teams and they all got a white board and a marker. then there was about 6 tables at the top of the hall where all the questions were, i was at one … More maths

digital media

For this class we had to do a movie project we had lots of different options and we got to go in groups. My group was Grace, Eimear, Ana, Lucy and I. we choose to do a short film and decided to do it about lucys life. we all had so much fun filming shots … More digital media


For this module we learned how to burn wood with a cool tool that I’m not sure what the name was. it was interesting because i had never done woodwork before. We got to help finish off clocks that the other class didn’t have time to do, they looked lovely!!   

home ec

For this module we had a double on Thursdays and one Thursday we got to make pizza. This was so much fun and i learned a new skill, we were put in groups and were given a recipe. My group was ana jack and I and we defiantly made the best pizza. we used interesting … More home ec


Our first module was art and i liked this because art is one of my favourite subjects. The teacher we had was Ms. Kelly. The project she gave us was to make our own scrapbook. We started by creating a design i decided to write my name and do flowers around it. once that was … More Art