work experience

For my second week works experience I went to the vets. On the first day I learned how to neuter a dog, it was really interesting but it looked very difficult. There was lots of blood  and it smelled awful. the operation can sometimes be very dangerous if it isn’t done properly, if it isn’t closed up it … More work experience

Christmas market

Christmas Fair took place in the Mercy Hall on Friday the 9th of December. It was in aid of make a wish foundation. The 2-3 weeks prior to the fair we were busy making our products to sell, setting up the social media sites, making posters, calling primary schools, telling local business about the fair and lots … More Christmas market

Tommy Stenson

On March 7th,  As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge , Sean-Nós dancer, Tommy Stenson came to our school.  Tommy is from Mayo and is a Sean Nos teacher who has taught and performed Sean-Nós nationally and internationally.He did a workshop with us teaching us different dances. We danced by ourselves, in groups and in pairs, … More Tommy Stenson

Ice Skating

On the 15th of December, my year and I went to Dublin to Dundrum shopping centre to go ice skating. We left at 9 from Ballyshannon and stopped in Cavan in Mc Donalds we got to Dundrum at 1 and we had less than an hour to go shopping then we met at the ice … More Ice Skating

work experience

we had work experience on the 13th to the 18th of February. I went to Switzerland to a physiotherapist in a place called was really interesting and it is something i am still interested in doing after school. over the week i watched the physiotherapist do different types of acupuncture, different massages, chiropractic  and … More work experience


Entrepreneur  They are the main risk takers in business. The entrepreneur takes both a personal and a financial risk in setting up there business. The entrepreneur is highly innovative and creative e.g Bill Gates; microsoft and geoff read; ballygowan Factors Of Production   Land, Labour, Capital, Enterprise Enterprise is the most important F.O.B as its … More enterprise

Religion Project

Research any animals in the wild that are in risk of extinction and why. Siberian Tiger Hunted for its skin there are only 200 left. Nile Crocodile Hunted for its skin Sea Turtle Chased by collectors and offered in luxury restaurants. Mountain Gorilla Wanted by zoos and private collectors. There are only 600 left in … More Religion Project